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Where can I buy linoleum parquet flooring for a good price?

Linoleum parquet flooring is a recent trend in the ever-expanding sphere of flooring options. This unique product offers many advantages and is considered a great investment in the future. Naturally, one of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing parquet flooring (cork parquet flooring or any other types) is finding the right provider. If you're debating where to buy parquet flooring, Floor Experts might just have the answer you're looking for!

Looking for the widest selection of linoleum parquet flooring

Picking out the best provider of your new flooring can prove a daunting task! At the Slovenian-based company Floor Experts we take great pride in our rich selection of linoleum parquet flooring. If the question 'where can I buy parquet flooring' is your concern, then read ahead:

  • We offer a helpful team of experts that will explain everything about linoleum parquet flooring
  • We offer different types of parquet including: linoleum parquet flooring, cork parquet flooring, walnut parquet, oak parquet and so on
  • All our products undergo a series of quality tests and comply with all European regulations on health and safety
  • Offering both 2-layer and 3-layer parquet

Where can I buy parquet flooring? Quick, simple and affordable

By investing into the most effective technology and reliable customer service, we are able to offer you several advantages you won’t find elsewhere. Our cork parquet flooring is available prefinished, making the installation simple, quick and mess-free. Additionally, we also offer veneer wood floor, light walnut laminate, vinyl PVC and several other flooring types. Make sure to visit our website and look out for special sale offers!


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