Installing laminate flooring with pad is undemanding process

laminate flooring with padLaminate flooring with pad saves a lot of time with installation. Padded laminate flooring is more economic investment comparing to separate purchase of underlayment. It also saves time which you would spend choosing and looking for suitable underlayment. In case with laminate with underlayment attached, ideal padding is already chosen for it. When installing padding for laminate flooring you have to be careful not to tear it or compromise it in any way, which can happen easily. If underlayment is already attached, you can concentrate more on properly laying the planks so the seams are invisible and patterns match. It is however advisable to install vapour barrier under padding for protection against humidity. Padding for laminate is a sound and temperature barrier and it allows natural contraction of planks.

Padding for laminate flooring is made from different materials

Under padding for laminate flooring can be made from foam, rubber, cork. Which one to use depends on material of subfloor. Flooring with pad can be laid on concrete, wood, carpet, linoleum and other surfaces. It is important that underfloor is precisely levelled and dry. With pad for laminate flooring only minor surface imperfections of subfloor can be corrected. Choosing suitable underlayment is very important. If the right underlayment is not chosen, it won`t offer appropriate protection and stability to laminate. That leads to damage beyond repair. Your flooring won`t meet its expected life span.


Professionals will install your laminate flooring with pad in short time

under padded laminate flooringLaminate flooring with pad is quick and easy to install but if you don`t have any prior experiences with it, it is best to leave the work to the professionals. That way your new flooring will look its best and will last a long time. We offer wide range of laminate flooring with underlayment already attached.